To achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, Clean and Renewable Energy Systems (RES) must dominate the energy mix, and fossil fuels must be replaced with RES for electricity, transport, industry, and other uses.

For the electricity sector, one of the major challenges involves the variability and lack of control regarding energy generation with the increasing share of intermittent wind and solar energy.

SOLARX aims to create a game-changing RES by tackling these issues, through the integrated and synergetic management of a single facility based on a solar tower that produces heat, electricity or H2 depending on demands and prices.

SOLARX will provide dispatchability and flexibility, maximizing the owner benefits, making the solution attractive for investors, grid operators, industries and citizens whilst creating favourable conditions for the transition to high-RES penetration.

  1. Design and trial more efficient CPV and bi-energy H2 receiver / conversion technologies
  2. Provide a smart solar resource management system that will align production and energy demand.
  3. Create a roadmap towards system integration and technology commercialisation.
  4. Assess the economic, environmental, and social impact of the SOLARX Innovations.

Adding to these technological breakthroughs, SOLARX is disruptive by transforming the variable solar resource into dispatchable multiple outputs on a single facility, engineering synergies between them and by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop an intelligent energy demand response mechanism. SOLARX management strategies includes not only innovation involving solar resource characteristics, as usual, but also the demands and prices of the multiple energy vectors, leading to improved cost-effectiveness and resource optimisation.