SOLARX’s main goal is to demonstrate its technical and economic reliability, at the laboratory scale. It involves the synergetic efficient production of heat, electricity and H2 from solar resource in a single facility considering real-time energy demands and market prices for a wide range of locations and application scenarios. The ambition is to develop a framework for the future implementation of carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative, energy system. SOLARX includes the following objectives:

  • Demonstrate the socio-economic value of the SOLARX systems
  • Align modular production potential with solar resource and energy demand
  • Develop high efficiency CPV receivers
  • Develop a bi-energy modular H2 receiver with CCUS
  • Anticipate the industrial deployment of SOLARX systems
  • Disseminate the project results to different stakeholders and ensure the technological uptake of the SOLARX systems
  • Manage the innovation process along the entire value chain and coordinate multidisciplinary SOLARX R&I actions.