Research & Innovation

SOLARX integrates 3 high concentration solar technologies and AI based smart resource management, to produce – either directly with high efficiencies or through storage stages for maximizing revenues – electricity, heat and green H2 in a carbon neutral way. The Key Technology Elements developed by SOLARX include:

Innovation potential

The underlying idea of the SOLARX multi-vector energy system contributes to the main goals of the European Green Deal initiative. 

  1. It will provide a net-zero emissions system for electricity, heat and H2, and it will facilitate the introduction of more renewable energy, such as wind or PV systems, into the energy mix due to a dispatchable power-to-X capability.
  2. It will help transform the EU’s economy for a sustainable future by creating new business opportunities (aligned with circular economy principles) in the energy sector (power-to-X and multi-vector energy brokers) and providing green H2, Syngas and eventually solar-derived fuels that will replace fossil-based fuels in the chemical industry and the transport sectors.
  3.  It will provide a clean, affordable, and secure energy system, with solar-based production of heat, electricity and H2.