Picture of HyGear (HYG)

HyGear (HYG)

HyGear is a supplier of industrial gases (H2, O2 and N2). The unique selling point of the company is its use of a combination of novel on-site production technologies (SMR, electrolysis) with robust industrial supply options (trucking/buffering). It is the world-leader on small-scale SMR systems with more than 67 operational reformers at customer sites. HyGear sells H2 to a range of industries (food, electronics, glass, metal treatment) and as automotive fuel. HyGear is a system integrator that has proven to successfully bring new technologies to the market. HYGEAR will contribute to the project with its knowledge on gas handling, gas purification and the market for hydrogen. It will provide input for designing the sub-system for a H2-receiver. The main contribution will be on identification of possible additional technologies that could fit the SOLARX concept.