Enabling Renewable Energy to Decarbonise Europe

The transition towards a sustainable and decarbonised energy system is gaining momentum, with renewable energy sources like solar and wind playing a pivotal role. However, the intermittent nature of these sources poses a significant challenge, as their production may not always align with consumption. As a result, flexibility on the supply and demand sides are mandatory to avoid that a considerable portion of renewable energy production is lost, leading to the reliance on carbon-intensive technologies to bridge the gap between supply and demand. On the supply side, effective energy storage is one of the main solutions. To address this crucial issue, the Energy Storage Coalition has been launched, forging a path towards a more flexible and decarbonised Europe.

The launch of the Energy Storage Coalition marks an essential milestone in Europe’s journey towards decarbonisation. Comprising solar and wind associations, this coalition brings together key stakeholders in the renewable energy sector to collectively address the storage challenge. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, the coalition aims to drive innovation, accelerate the deployment of energy storage solutions, and provide the flexibility required to support the widespread integration of renewable energy sources.

The SOLARX project, a Revolutionary Energy Solution

The SOLARX project stands as an exemplary initiative that embodies the power of energy storage to revolutionise renewable energy utilisation. By employing a single installation, the SOLARX project is capable of producing three energy vectors, including electricity, hydrogen (H2), and high-temperature heat. Significantly, both H2 and high-temperature heat can be stored for later use, allowing for efficient coverage of local energy needs, such as industrial processes, or for delayed electricity generation when solar radiation is limited.

With the ability to store excess energy in the form of hydrogen or high-temperature heat, the SOLARX project presents a solution to the intermittency challenge faced by current renewable energy systems. This storage capability enables SOLARX to bridge the gap between renewable energy production and consumption, ensuring a continuous and reliable energy supply of multiple energy vectors, supporting and enabling the growth of conventional Renewable Energy Systems.