Gender balance in the Energy sector: Online Surveys for Employees & Students

SOLARX consortium wants to encourage the energy comunity to fill out the following surveys which are part of a study on Gender balance in the Energy sector commissioned by the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) and led, together with other partners, by empirica, a German research institute. Filling in each survey will take approximately 10 minutes.

The first survey “BETTER WORK IN ENERGY Global Survey” is for employees in the energy sector, targeting both women and men employed in the energy sector.

  • The survey is designed to provide valuable insights into company culture, gender biases and their impact on career decisions across traditional, renewable and energy transition sectors. The insights gathered will help identify specific areas for improvement and develop targeted interventions to improve gender balance, reduce bias, and address challenges to job satisfaction in the energy sector. The survey is online on the EUSurvey platform, available in 23 languages. More info is in the first file attached.


The second survey “YOU, YOUR STUDIES AND THE ENERGY TRANSITION Global Survey” is targeting students in tertiary education, both men and women. It is not restricted to students in fields directly related to energy and/or STEM.

  • The objective is to explore students’ perceptions of climate change and the energy transition, and assess their interest in pursuing a career in the energy sector – within and beyond the STEM fields usually associated with jobs in the energy industry. One key research question is whether the interest many young women display in climate change as an ecological and societal issue can be translated into making more female students consider a career in the energy business than it has been the case so far. The survey is targeted at all students (of all genders) in tertiary education, i.e. in a university or VET programme or similar.