Introducing new #SOLARXpartners: Marta Murkowska

The SOLARX consortium have been recently reunited for the 2nd General Assembly in Freiburg, Germany. During the two-day meeting, esteemed SOLARX partners shed light on their roles and responsibilities within the project. This time, we want to highlight Marta Murkwoska’s activity, who is making great contributions by applying her knowledge as R&D Engineer in EMD International.

EMD is an independent global software and consulting company offering products and services for both the pre- and post-construction phases of wind farm projects, hybrid power plants and complex energy system schemes. The main office is based in Aalborg, Denmark, and they are represented globally through regional sales and support offices in Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, USA, Brazil, Argentina and China. The software EMD is applying in the project – energyPRO, is developed by EMD and it is the leading software for modelling, analyzing, and simulating complex energy projects with cross sectional optimization including electricity, PtX, hybrid and thermal energy (such as process heat, hot water and cooling).

In the SOLARX project, EMD is responsible for techno-economic modelling of the SolarX system, which will be integrated into energyPRO software. The modelling will be used to verify the feasibility of SolarX in different locations in Europe. EMD will model several cases, where the size and specific application of SolarX will differ. The effort will identify under which geographic and market conditions SOLARX has strong potential and where system performance and cost improvements are needed to achieve profitability at scale in those different contexts.

Marta is working with solar irradiance modelling in energyPRO. Creating scenarios for analysis and modelling the SolarX processes. These tasks require close collaboration with other partners in the SOLARX project.

When we are satisfied with the created energyPRO model, I will use it to study the feasibility of the SolarX solution in different locations and applications.
Marta Murkowska
R&D Engineer