Preliminary results of the performance of SOLARX system showcased during the European Hydrogen Energy Conference 2024

Alicia Crespo Gutiérrez (from UdL) presented preliminary results of the performance of SOLARX system, and a comparison in terms of levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and Cost of Valued Energy (COVE) versus a concentrating solar power plant and a photovoltaic plant during the EHEC 2024.

The European Hydrogen Energy Conference (EHEC) took place in Bilbao on 6, 7 and 8 March 2024 and is Europe’s conference of reference in the hydrogen sector. EHEC brought together experts, researchers, and industry leaders in the field of hydrogen, providing a platform for sharing the latest advances, innovations, and developments in hydrogen-based technologies. The in-person event provided an overview of the latest advances in the fields.

The SOLARX partner (UdL) represented the project beyond the title “SOLARX: Concentrated solar energy for hydrogen, heat, and electricity generation”, by providing an oral presentation in the scientific and technical conference program.

Citing Alicias words, it was a good opportunity to meet experts from different areas and exchange ideas with actors from the private and public sectors in a stimulating atmosphere:

“The conference was very informative and our contributions were well received”.

Alicia is making rewarding contributions by applying her knowledge as Postdoctoral researcher of Solar energy at UDL. Alicia participates in the design and development of the cooling system of the CPV receiver. She performed CFD simulations of the cooling system to optimize its design. Her next tasks consists of testing the cooling system of the CPV receiver in the lab and developing the parametrized model of the different receivers.